Recording Group in real-time (printing), result volume little quiet

I’ve been using render-in-place, but sometimes I prefer priting/recording in real time.

So I route processed /inserted audio to dummy group (either mono or stereo)
then create empty audio track and record it in real time,

but today I found out, the volume is different.

I checked all routing, and… I cannot find the cause…

what would it be…?

(about 3dB volume difference)

So I exported it in mono downix, then re-imported, the volume and everything was all the same. Also render-in-place does exactly the same…

I wonder why…

I really like the analog way of recording/printing in real time so I can check/monitor one more time you know…

thanks in advance.

This is not something I regularly do. I do sometimes print to tape, which is not nearly there same thing, but…
Rather than try and chase the whole audio chain, I would simply try and push the gain in the pre section on the ‘dummy’ group by whatever it os you are losing?

I’m sure there will be a better solution than this but I tend to work quite clumsily when making music because I quite like to capture that ‘mess’ in the final product.

I was actually very surprised, because there was nothing on Dummy group and, I expected to get the exactly same result (null-able) but the result was almost the same, ‘but’ volume differed… I just could not get my head around… hehe…

Original track was MONO, I created MONO dummy group, created another mono audio track and straight recorded it while playing… strange right…?

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What was the destination of the mono group? A stereo output?

If ‘yes’, then try again with the mono group either having no output or output to a mono output bus.

I haven’t tried what you do and I haven’t had enough coffee, but it’s possible that pan law applies once you set the output of the mono group to a stereo path in which case perhaps the input to your mono audio track is affected by that pan law.


Yeah, nothi8ng in my head can work out why that should happen. I’m not good at the ‘under the hood’ stuff and just assume an audio chain is an audio chain with all the things that affect it, like poor signal matching etc.

I never find that printed tracks null out and think this is because of things like randomisation in some plugins. This is even less true from tape.

Maybe there is a simple way the gain on a track can just be different (and simple solution?). Again, for me, I would just run to the pre gain section and stage it close to unity on the fader and go from there.

Thank you so much Mattias! it is a bit cumbersome, but that was the cause! no bus routing solved my issue, it records the same! :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile: