Recording Gtr 3.5 standalone


I’ve encountered a problem where I cant record the processed signal from Gtr 3.5 standalone app. It’s an application from the Company Waves ( that lets you play, for example, a guitar using different simulated amps and stomp effects directly from desktop (without using a DAW like Cubase, etc). Gtr 3 works quite well in my opinion, except when I want to record what I hear in my headphones, the recording only comes out as a dry signal as if the sound recording application doesnt notice the processed guitar signal. I’ve mailed Waves but their answer is: “Generally the GTR 3.5 Standalone app should send the sound to the audio device you selected in the preferences and can’t be routed to a different application. However, there might be solutions for routing audio virtually between application, but it’s not something related to Waves”. So not much help there I guess… And they dont seem to have a support forum where to bring your questions…

Ive got a nice & new computer using Windows 8.1. For recording the guitar using Gtr 3.5 standalone app I’ve tried the standard windows application called “Sound Recorder”. Iv’e also downloaded a free (or trail-version) of the sound recording application called “Total Recorder” ( But both of those sound recording applications only records the dry (un-processed signal). I’m using Steinbergs UR22 as my audio interface. The guitar cable goes directly into it and I use it as my standard audio interface for all my recordings when playing guitar, bass, etc on my computer.

I’ve tried different things, that I can Think of, to hopefully make the proper Changes in the applications for recording signals, both ins and outs, but to no-go so far, it still only records the dry signal and not what I hear in my headphones.

So, I was looking at the specs for my UR22 and saw that in its specifications and comparisons to other Steinberg audio interfaces ( it says that it doesnt have a “loopback” function, while the other UR’s does seem to have that function… Could this be the problem, namely that the UR22 doesnt allow me to record the processed signal directly from a desktop application and thus only records the dry signal?

When I record using my Cubase Elements 7 it all works very well so I can’t really see the difference technically speaking, but i’m no Tech-wiz. So, as a last resort I thought I ask here if any1 have any knowledge about this and could give me some advice ho to record the precessed signal from a standalone application, like Gtr3, using an ordinary desktop sound-recording application liek those mentioned above. It’s like the signal from Gtr 3.5 never reaches the sound recording application no matter what I change in the options of my computer or applications in use. If this can be solved only by “tweaking” something on my computer (software/hardware) I would be very happy, or do I need to get a different audio interface to make this work, for example, UR44?

Sorry for this lengthy post!

/Best regards,
Robin Gardner