Recording GUI movements...

Hi, I have recorded a synth line, but I want to record myself manually sweeping the sound. I’ve opened the automation and clicked on the write button which also activates the green read button but it records nothing?
Does anyone know how to record these movements and control alterations? I’m not doing this via controls on a midi controller, just by using the mouse on the VSTs GUI itself.
Any help will be much appreciated!
I’ve added a screen shot image if it helps.

And which parameter have you actually automated?

Hi, I have already recorded the melody on a MIDI track. I want to now record Filter Frequency movements over the top to sweep the original sound. It will play back, and I can sweep the sound as intended but I can’t remember how to record these movements! :confused:
I usually use hardware synths do achieve this but I’m using VST stuff now. It’s Synth1 that I’m trying to do this with.

As you wroze, you enable the “W” button on the Plugin GUI, and move the control you want to automate, then disable write and leave Read activated…
If you automated the filter frequency, you should show that automation lane, right now it shows the lane for “oscillator shape”

Thank you svennilenni , I will try this later. :wink: