Recording guitar monitoring

I am trying to record guitar. The guitar goes straight through my UR44 and into BIAS in cubase. My problem is that when i play guitar, i get the clean sound mixed with the bias sound. The sound from the guitar is always present, even when i turn of monitor on the track.

You didn’t really ask a question… But it sounds like it is working properly. Try to explain in detail what your issue is.

Some thoughts:

  • Create a stereo audio track in Cubase with the input set to whatever mono input you are using on the UR44
  • Choose the BIAS vst as an insert and make sure to choose a sound.

Cubase should now record the guitar with a dry signal. And that’s how you should hear it when recording with the monitor button pressed. You will hear it with or without the VST sound applied depending if you have the VST active or bypassed.

To hear your guitar track after recording make sure to shut off the record and monitor function. Again, you can hear the guitar dry or with the VST sound applied depending on if you have the VST active or bypassed.

If the above dosen’t work then think about this:

  • You might have “direct monitoring” active in the UR44. I’m not familiar with the UR44 so you will have to figure out how to turn that off. That might be why you hear it?

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Not sure what bias is but I’m guessing an amp simulator.

I record guitar and vox with mono tracks.

Can you hear your guitar with the monitor button off?

Then you’ve got a send somewhere in cubase OR you’re hearing your guitar through the interface (zero latency monitoring). If it’s the interface you have to run the control application for your interface and shut that down.