Recording Guitar, tracks

Hi Has anyone seen a link that explains how to record a track , then what you do to play that first track while recording a second track to mix with it, I have missed something , Do i have to save the first track then re open it from somewhere to hear it while playing the next track that will layer over it.

A small virtual amp with distortion effects appears in a some pre settings, How do you hear in real time what the sound you are recording is.

Any guitar gurus got links vids etc, The Steinberg ones are useless they seam to assume you can already work cubase and miss out some basic but crucial information that stops progress.


If you cannot hear your recorded track, you probably forgot to switch the Monitor button (speaker icon) off.

See Cubase 7 Quick Start video tutorials on the official Steinberg YouTube channel, please.

Thanks Martin will have a tinker with that