Recording Hydrasynth Ribbon data

IOS 17.5.1 / Cubasis 3.6.6

Hi all,

I’m trying to record the ribbon pitch bend data. When I play the ribbon, I can pitch bend down 5 octaves for a ‘diving down’ effect. Cubasis records this as pitch bend data in the track, but when I play it back, I only get a pitch bend of two tones - which is a long way from the effect I’m looking for.

Looking at the midi data in MidiWrench, I see similar ranges of pitch data from either the ribbon, or the pitch bend control on the keyboard (14850 - 15766).

Be really grateful if other Hydrasynth owners have found a work around for this.


The Hydrasynth Manual states a Pitch Bend range of 4 octaves, ±24 semitones Up and Down. That’s the first limitation, at least of patches, and that’s probably all the Pitch Bend range it can MIDI Out total (would be my guess). You can find that info on Page 20 of the manual.

Oh no! I failed at the RTFriendlyM stage! Thank you

But the data values are very similar sending pitch data from the ribbon and the pitch bend - it just doesn’t seem to respond. I’ll also ask in the Hydra group. Cheers

Lol You’re welcome, Jason.

I just happened to have saved all the manuals when considering buying a Hydrasynth and I enjoy troubleshooting, but without my own Hydrasynth, that’s all the help I can offer.

Best wishes and if you remember, please come back and share your solution or final results. Hydrasynths seem to be getting a lot of attention.

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I’m still a bit confused though. Waiting for fellow Hydra owners to share their wisdom. If the pitch bend on the ribbon transmits ok, then surely I should be able to record it? Btw - you missed out on a cracker of a synth. It can make noises that your brain won’t even begin to understand, lol