Recording in Montage - Write Marker to Audiofile

Is there a way to (easily) get the markers I set while recording in the montage (!) into the audiofile (without rendering the montage to a new audio file) ?

Background info is: I would like to use the recording functions in the montage more often, but have have to place many markers, that I need to have available in the “raw” audio file.


if you use the keyboard shortcut to create temporary markers while recording and then export bwf files doesnt it work?

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Not with a single click, but there is this handy function, to copy markers e.g. from the audio montage to an audio file (or other montage)

I think this would only work, if it’s only one file. I think for the case with several files, it would not be a simple / error free solution.

Exporting / rendering ist also a good idea, but the files are several hours long (audio book). So it would double the file size on the disk (and the file names wouldn’t match with the text/script -
and again prone to failure.

Something like write the marker to audio file(s) would be cool - but maybe not easy to implement.
Or a command to set the marker to the currently recorded file.

There is a function to transcribe the markers from an audio file hosted by a clip, to the montage. Why not also the opposite. I note the idea.


If you record directly into audio file(s) and place markers there then these audio files can be inserted into a montage and then you can use the function PG indicated above to copy all markers into the montage.
Is there a reason you record into the montage rather than audio files first?

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@JimP I actually do it the way you describe. But often it would be nice to see the waveform, and be able to move markers around while recording. Often new engineers in the studio feel insecure not seeing the recorded waveform etc…
It has been working for the last 20years that way, but lurking to other software (Adobe Audition, ProTools), it could be nice to have that luxury.

@PG1 Thanks. That would be cool, as the marker “tools” in Wavelab are a very strong “feature”

@PG1 When rendering the “active Track” (Spur) in the montage, WaveLab doesn’t render the marker (even when the option is set / markers are connected to the clips.) Should this be possible or is it by design ?


It’s a bug, sorry. I will correct it for the upcoming 11.0.30 update.

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Another question I have: when recording several tracks, you have to enable all the tracks to “record-enable”. After stopping the recording, all tracks go out of the “record-enable” mode. Is there a setting to prevent this ?

No, sorry