recording in score view

I have set up 2 tracks - piano and guitar, and recorded some material on the piano track
now I want to record a guitar (in score view, because I want to see the piano AND the guitar music), but every guitar note I record is only of a very short value, like 1/16th, I can’t sustain any notes
this doesn’t happen if I just record in normal mode (channel view), or if I only look at the piano track in score view (but NOT the guitar track) while recording
AUTO quantize is OFF, by the way
any ideas why this happens?

should have mentioned that this occurs while recording MIDI (not audio)

Check the Quant in the editor itself. In general there have been users who report problems recording in the Score editor so I don’t recommend it.
Because it has features seen in the other editors it is easy to think it behaves the same way but in practise there are pitfalls to actually recording in it although editing is OK.
In the manual the chapter heading is “Score Layout & PRINTING” which is really it’s main job. To print a midi score for live players to read and overdub.

There are, however, other Score page experts here so keep an eye on this to see if there is any better advice than mine.

Audio has no effect there. It is purely a midi feature.

I take it you didn’t do the successful piano recording in the score view?

I suppose the problem must be a setting in the score editor, if it’s working alright otherwise.

Just a thought - I wonder whether you’ve accidentally got some kind of step-recording features set, making the pitch come from MIDI but the note length be pre-determined?

Which version of Cubase Artist 6 do you have? I remember there being a bug such as this in earlier versions of Cubase 6 (so, probably in Artist too).
I can’t remember exactly when it was fixed, but it is certainly o.k. here now in v6.0.5 (full version)

version 6.0.0 Build 229 (32-bit) Dec 3, 2010

Still trying to figure out why this isn’t working - it must be something with some Quant setting somewhere? but everything looks normal - it’s all very strange because I’ve done this many times before (though not recently - forgot something? changed something? really beats me)

another weird thing - when I stop recording (in any mode) the record enable button goes off, but the NEXT track is then record enabled - is that normal behavior? why would it do that?

P.S.: yes, the piano track wasn’t recorded in score view (actually it wasn’t recorded live - it was a MIDI import

That’s a bug in Cubase 6.00, it’s been resolved since 6.01. So please update!

OK, will do. I looked at the update at the time, but it just didn’t seem relevant to anything I was doing. Mea culpa!
Thanks for all input (you’all be the first to know if the problem persists …

yes! updated - somewhat improved - still doesn’t work if you are actually looking at the track you are recording in score view - but that’s not really important anyway (no real need to WATCH what you’re recording)

still wondering, though, why it record enables the NEXT track when I stop recording … ?