Recording in WL 11.2 with Shure MV88+ does not work

I have been unable to record my voice with my Shure MV88+ for a few days. I use MacBook PRO M1 MAX with Sonoma 14.2.1, and nothing has changed in my system or audio configuration.
The track is configured as stereo, 48k, 16b.
I am attaching my Shure and adequately configuring the Audio Connection window, then I move to the main window and activate the track for recording. The red LED starts blinking, but then clicking the record button does not activate the recording. The cursor does not start, and the wave does not appear on the track.
This problem does not appear when I use built-in audio (mic).
What’s wrong?


Can you find Shure MV88+ under Audio Device ?

regards S-EH