Recording Instrument Selection and Sound Changes

Hi, is there actually a way to record in the track all instrument and sound selection changes I do during my creative session, so when i play it back, it automatically re-assigns the right instrument and sound ?

Best would be I even can save everything including the sounds and synths in the same folder so i can migrate it into another machine on the other side of the world and everything runs perfectly the same … so instead of an audio recording I make a midi recording including the synths and samples … is that possible at all ?


Embedding presets and/or plugins in a midi file is not possible. You will want to save the Cubase project to save the presets selected, and for plugins, those need to be installed on the computer you want to use them on.

As for recording everything you do. Sure, as long as the track is playing and you have read and write enabled, you can change whatever you want and it’ll write it in automation. Just don’t change anything when it’s not playing.

thx for info Strophoid.



You can use Project teplate. This is normal Cubase project (with all datas - MIDI, audio, instruments, etc.), which is used as “starting point”. It’s saved in spetial folder.