recording into wavelab

i did a forum search but did not find any answers.
What i do now is :

Playback the Mix File in a Audio Montage
External Chain plugin
Limiter Plugin
I want to Record the Audio Input while hearing also the Plugins which come after. This is why i want to record the Audio Input.
Ideally i want to record into the Audio Montage, on a selected Track at a selected point.
How would i do this?

First: the only way to record the Audio input is to press play in the Audio Montage and then hit record.
So when the recording starts is really random. If i want to start playback and recording simultaneously a) it does not work b) it says the file can’t be played back without resetting the Audio device.
If i record ‘what i hear’ then simultaneous start is possible, but then i record everything. Still, then i could put the Limiter in the playback processing.
I just wonder how all this is supposed to work? Or if there are some clever workarounds?

Thanks for some light.

Yes, a common request that I do not think is possible but don’t trust me 100% since I have sort of given up on the idea in WaveLab and I use another DAW instead for the analog playback/capture.

For me, having the playback/record timeline being fully linked is one of the main things missing from WaveLab and preventing me from using WaveLab for 100% of the mastering process.

That being said, I don’t like to print the limiting because they you’re really stuck with that and making minor adjustments and vinyl pre-masters for example is much more involved than running the final limiter live in the montage where it’s not baked in.

Well, you put it way more eloquently then i did, thanks :slight_smile:
Re: Limiter > exactly.

Things i like are the Smart Bypass Feature, i also like the Master Section.
But multiple outputs and linked playback/record timeline are really missing.
It would just save a lot of time.

Yes, multiple outputs are also key. In my current setup I can feed the source audio to two different D/A converters and choose between them on my mastering console, and also toggle between my two A/D converters to easily hear which one sounds better on the way back in. Plus, I can send a 3rd signal to my monitor controller that has no plug or analog processing so I can A/B between the original sound and what I’m doing to it in real-time with the press of a button. It could not be smoother.

As much as I love WaveLab for the assembly stuff and finalizing, and all “in the box” mastering work, it really has fallen behind in the analog playback/capture department. Yes it’s possible in a very basic way, but nearly any other DAW offers some advantages in this department. I was using Pro Tools but now I use REAPER which runs circles around both PT and WaveLab for this part of the process.

Same here.

somehow a followup to the initial question, but different.
I recently tried to “Record what is played back”, audio out through external chain, back in through some plugins.
This time i had the limiter in the “Playback processing” slot.

WL recorded the audio with the limiter.
Isn’t the “Playback processing” slot meant to be for something like room correction EQs etc?
And should therefor e not be recorded?
Or am i misunderstanding something here?
Or is this a bug?
Please enlighten me.

After this experience I still think the option to choose the recording point (same as choosing the metering point) would be interesting.