Recording issue via network UNC path

Hello, I support IT in a school which has recently purchased licenses for Cubase 11, but we are having problems with Cubase recording audio in user document folders.

All users have a network home folder, mapped to drive N:, which in the background points to essentially:
When staff and students create a new project, Cubase insists on using the full network path by default instead of the N:\ drive. Unfortunately after letting it create a project using that path, every user has the issue where if they press the record button, they get the message “Audio recording aborted. The disk is full!”.

If the users choose the path and manually go via N:\ to the same subfolder in their documents, the recording works as expected.

To diagnose this I ran “Process Monitor” and logged what Cubase was doing, and at the point of hitting record on a project using the full network path, Cubase requests write access to:
And when it doesn’t have this, it appears to assume the full path is write protected and aborts, despite the user having full write access to their own documents folder where the project is saved. Obviously users can never have write access to that top level share, or they would have access to each other’s files! I verified this by giving a test user write access to the top level share, and recording worked correctly.

I’d therefore assume this is a bug in the logic Cubase uses to determine whether the project directory is write protected or not.

Cubase 11.0.40 Build 446
Windows 10 Build 20H2

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This is audio software…
it is not intended to record to networked drives by default…
the drives with letters are getting treated different by Windows…

another possible problem could be the filename… the path can not exceed 256 characters…
You should use local storage to record… and move the recordings to the networked drives afterwards…

Thank you for the suggestion, I understand that music software will always work best with locally attached storage, however this is a high school and students do not have access to the local storage on the computers for security reasons (computers in the music department are shared by hundreds of people). The previous old version we were on (I believe it was 6 or 7) worked correctly in this regard, which is why it was noticed. The path is well under the 256 character limit, it’s about half that, but good thought.