Recording Key Commands?

Is this working for everyone as expected? I went into the recording window and changed the key command to write a generic marker, but it had no effect-- Even the default command doesn’t work, but the button does. Other key commands seem to work OK.

Actually, I changed it to the enter key (not return), and it stopped the recording! But as far as I can tell from the customize commands window, enter is not assigned to anything.

Any clarification on where this is coming from or what I’m doing wrong?


I’m thinking this is a window thing? I tried again when recording (and the recording window was selected), and cmd+P-- which should pause-- brings up the prefs window…

Anyone else have this happening?

I think all shortcuts work correctly, but the dialog window must be the active window, else the shortcuts are directed elsewhere.
Click once on the dialog’s title bar, to make sure it is active.

Might be, but it’s not working in a useable way for me on 2 very different systems…

You are correct- sometimes- about the active window behavior. But when the dialog to name the marker is used, the active window does not automatically return to being the Record window, so they shortcut doesn’t work (unless you activate the Record window every time, which of course defeats the purpose).

The Pause shortcut never works, even when Record window is active.

I’ve tried to make a screen recording to illustrate, but of course you can’t see when the keyboard shortcuts are being used, unfortunately:

(too big for forum attachment…)

Any luck? Anyone reproducing this?

You are right in fact. I tried under Windows where all is ok, but I guess you’re on Mac, where I can reproduce the issue.

OK, good to know it’s not just me! I assume this can be fixed in the next maintenance release?


I’m afraid it’s too late for 8.02.

Any news on that ?

Also I can’t find any Info, if it’s possible to program Key Commands for “Record” / “Pause” “Meter Reset”

In WaveLab 8.0.3, on the Mac, the key commands for the Record dialog are the same as before except that you must Play the Options key instead of the Command key.

Ok ! I found it and it’s working.


Now I have another question to the same topic:

Would it be possible to have the Keycommands always working … e.g. when another Application is on the foreground (or better even if there is no focus on the Recording Panel) …

As a good example:
The Monitor Controller of my Interface (Metric Halo) is always reacting even if the Software is working in the background.

Or is there another way? I want the Recording to alway Start / Stop - also if - for example - I’m in Word to check the Script.

Really not possible. But you could use another tool to put the application of your choice to the foreground with a hot key. Then, in a second time, you would press the desired commands.
Free and great on Windows:
On Mac:

Ok. This was the right direction. I now use Controller Mate where you can set up really complex settings.

Of course I would feel safer and happier without that “workaround” (keep the system simple) - but time will tell if it works stable enough.

Another thing with the Recording Dialogue:

When selecting the “always on the front” checkbox, there seems to be ab bug in 8.0.3 on the MAC - because when selected, it’s not possible to change the Record Setting (Left / Right / …) and you can’t change the Filepath ( it always jumps back to the last path.)

Reproducible on different systems. (OS X 10.8)