recording kit with 7.5 first time tips.

So I have been using cubase 7.5 for a while now and have become pretty used to most of the functions when it comes to basic vocal and guitar tracking. but totally new to dum tracking.

I have gone through the agony of mapping out all the click and tempo tracks down for this prog album, also put down guide bass (I’m a bass player), guide guitars and vocals. Now its the fun part… the kit.

Ive just picked up a Samson 8 piece drum mic kit and a zoom r16 USB interface which I have managed to figure out and know how to map / assign channels etc but after that I’m clueless. I have watched lots of tuition Vidz but I was wondering if you guys could offer me any solid tips and tricks when tracking drums?

Literally any advice would be really appreciated.


Google the process and there are a ton of resources online. Regarding technique, there really isn’t anything in Cubase that would be different than any other DAW in regards to recording a drum kit other than helping to process the sounds once they are recorded. Much of your sound is going to depend on the mics, mic-pre’s, any outboard processing and the room you record in. And of course the drum kit. I would say, always trust your ears over blindly using pre-sets, no matter what software you’re using.