Recording Kontakt as audio

Hey I’m having trouble with something simple.

I’ve looked for guides etc but still not working out.

Cubasis Pro 9. Kontakt 5 free version player. Revolution drum machine.

How do I record sequenced patterns as audio into Cubase?

I’ve tried creating an audio track and simply select record and then play the instrument,l but the audio file is very quiet and lacks the dynamics and punch. How do I recorded the instrument sound as it plays natively in Kontakt ?



Cubasis Is only at version 2 so I think you mean Cubase 9.

I would guess that you have the pattern playing from the kontakt library sequencer so it’s not really visible to Cubase to make rendering possible.
Transfer the midi to the timeline and then you should be able to use Render in Place or Export Audio Mixdown (selected channels)
You’ll have to check the Revolution manual for how to move the midi data out of the plug into the DAW.

Recording live to a new track is also possible with the correct routing. You would have to route to a group channel and set that group as input on the record channel.

Haha sorry yes I use cubasis a lot and my hands auto typed the letters. Cubasis pro 9

I’ll give that a go tomorrow.

I thought I could just output audio from revolution to the daw but maybe not. As I said it gets the audio but super quiet.