recording live drums in loop mode

Maybe I’m missing something, maybe there’s a good work-around or maybe this can act as the start of a feature request…

I’ve been recording my band’s drummer with a 14 mic set-up.

As we are working on some of the drum parts, its helpful to just loop a section of the song and have the drummer go through several takes to play with ideas. When doing this with guitar or bass, there’s no issue because that’s usually done on a single stereo track… you can audition the takes by way of the arrow on the bottom edge of the recorded block. or if needed you can access that on the channel control…

I’m wondering if there is a way to audition all 14 tracks simultaneously when they are all selected. As it is now, I have to selected the take per channel one at a time. This is really a time sink and breaks the flow of working on ideas when trying to listen back and compare from one take of the overall performance to the next.

Is this already possible? Please help!

  1. Make a folder track, Enable GROUP Editing on the Folder Track, put all your drum tracks into the folder track, click on the take and click the arrow at the bottom of that take to select a diff take for those tracks or
    OR, Disable Group editing for the folder and you can select each take per track you want to hear

Another option is to use LANES for each track, enable that on the Track Inspector area. Select the Lane you want to make active and hit the center square at the bottom center of that event to make it the active one

Im sure Im missing something here, probably a couple key commands that will make it simple

2. Dont forget if you are NOT in loop mode you can use Track Versions in the Inspector area like Protools Playlist. Just select the Tracks, open the Inspector and click Track Version and the Play key to add a new version (Playlist)


Thanks for the response. Yes, I had everything nested in the folder, but hadn’t really ever used it before and didn’t realize the functionality of the group editing. Seem to do the trick. Thanks so much.