Recording LoopMash 2 to audio channels

Hi guys, apologise if this has been covered before, but i have read multiple threads this morning but it’s not really sinking in on what i need to do to achieve the results that i want.

Basically I’ve just discovered LoopMash 2 and really like it as a creative tool for messing about with samples\loops that I have previously programmed\downloaded. What I would like to do is route the audio from loop mash to individual audio channels to allow me to add separate effects\EQ and chop them up as and how I would like to. I was thinking that I may be able to do this a multi-out approach and so far i have created a VST instrument with 8 outs on it… I’m just really confusing myself when I try to think of how to get tit to the audio channels. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated… and at the chance of sounding like I’m completely stupid if there are any specific steps I should follow I’d really appreciate them being listed.

Thanks in advance.


Right, i was massively overthinking that… it was dead simple… just had to bus it to the audio channels.

I’m also looking for an explanation of how to record the audio output of LoopMash 2. I’ve looked at various forum postings and have tried a couple of suggestions. Could someone outline the steps clearly? And no, this is not covered in the Operations Manual or the Plugins Manual. I suspect the same procedure could also be used to record the audio output of GrooveAgent One.

Thanks very much for your help.

Sure it is:
Operation manual ->Recording -> recording from busses - with clearly outlined steps. Given you’ re using a software that supports this feature…

Thank you very, very much for this information! I was able to finally record the audio output following these instructions. Yes, I’m running Cubase 6.5. The Operation Manual PDF (December 16, 2010) I have for Cubase 6 describes Recording from busses on page 94 (that’s for my and anyone else’s future reference). I had to annotate the PDF because of the confusing (to me) terminology (“1. …add a group track”, by which is meant Project > Add Track > Group channel, which becomes a Group track).

Maybe one day a future Cubase will allow us to record the audio output of LoopMash directly into its track since it is a software synth after all. There is nothing in the Plug-in Reference manual in the Loopmash section about how to record the audio output and I don’t think it’s logical to assume that the Recording from busses has any application to this situation, which is why folks who are not recording engineers find Cubase so frustrating.

Well, no need to argue here, but according to what seems logical o you, recording from interface should be explained in the interface´s manual…!?