Recording LoopMash fx as audio

Hi guys.

How I would record on a new audio track my loopmash fx effects?
How should the routing be?

I have tried using the new render in place functions, all three option but not luck.

Basically I have a audio sample which is triggered by loopmash fx on a midi track and the result I would like to have it in a new audio track so I can edit the new sound.


hey mate, i always creaty a “record” channel in my projects routing

just route the stereo out as the insert of the channel and as output : none !

and if you need to record something just select the record channel and the “to be recorder” channel as SOLO and hit : record!

huuummmmm. That sound pretty easy.

I will try it and I will get back to you.

Thank you for the help.

It work like charm.
I get a bit infused when come to routing.
Do you know any particular link which would better explain routing setup? If not, that is fine.

Thank you again.

na sorry not really … i learnd it all by myself, got a particuloar question ?

All good. Thank you