Recording Loopmash Output

I am a long-time user of a free version of Cubase, and finally decided to invest in a copy of artist 6.5. Greetings! My questions may be a bit dim, but…

I’m having trouble recording Loopmash output. I created Loopmash as a VST Instrument, one stereo audio track, and one Group Channel. I routed Loopmash output to Group 1, and routed the group channel’s output to stereo 1 (I alternatively tried to send the group channel’s signal using a Send to stereo 1).

I have the stereo track record enabled, and I can hear Loopmash’s audio when I press Record, but no audio is recorded. Does anyone have any pointers? This setup I’ve described does seem needlessly elaborate to me but my chain is based on a little forum research, and my inability to see any obvious method.


The easiest way is to just set locators to the length of the part & use export audio mixdown/batch export & tick the loopmash (instrument) track on the left plus import to project on the right.
Name it & set the location to project folder if not already done.

If you wanted to record a played performance on Loopmash then you’re almost there with what you have done…but it sounds like you haven’t assigned the audio tracks input to be the group channel.

Hi Grim,

You were absolutely right. I hadn’t even thought to try exporting, since I couldn’t see any visual record of loopmash’s output. But sure enough, I recorded a few tracks along with a beat I made in loopmash, and when I mixed it down the resulting file had the beat there. What a cool tool.

Thanks. :smiley:


I am trying to do similar, I have my initial drum beat set up and am just trying to record my real-time mixing in loop mash over the top. I have Loop mash in an instrument channel, Which is sending to group 1, but the group channel won’t send to the audio stereo channel i have set up… its only giving me the option to send to ‘stereo’ left or right… Am i being stupid? I know you mentioned setting channel outputs but i was under the impression that was the same as the sends?


The group does not send to the audiotrack, the audio track receives from the group - see also the manual.

Literally the biggest idiot, i was running loop mash through an instrument channel and not as a stand alone vst instrument… that’s why my group and audio channels weren’t communicating… haha

Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:


I just bought Cubase 6.5 and I am learning it. I have Loop mash 2 going and I cannot get it to record to a midi or audio track. It just plays when I open it up and select the beat I want. I have no clue how to send it to my main page and get a wavefile out of it. Help me in super explicit detail. How to do, where to open, what heading to look under. Please help me!


Somebody can correct me if I am wrong (and no doubt will :slight_smile:), but basically you have to think of LoopMash kind of like a VSTi instrument channel that doesn’t record it’s own output (eg, in MIDI like say a synth would). This is because its a mashup of audio files, so you need to record the output on another channel.

Basic steps:

  1. Set up a group channel, call it “LoopMash Output” or some such.
  2. On the original LoopMash channel, route the output to the new Group channel (as opposed to, say, “Stereo Out”)
  3. Arm the new group channel to record (hit the red button on the channel)
  4. Hit record on the transport panel, and record as mush of your mash as you want/need

Basically this will create a new audio file (on the group track) that is the audio output of the “mash” from your LoopMash channel. Keep in mind if you do any “performing” on the LoopMash instrument (eg, utilizing the scratch/tapestop/etc) it will record that too.

That’s the basic idea, I could have missed something but that should get you going. Consult the manual re: signal routing and group channels if that seems confusing.

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing - see way up above: I don’t think you can actually RECORD to a group channel. Ergo, you’d have to set it up that way but then do an “Export Audio Mixdown” and choose just the group channel for output. This would create a new wav/mp3/whatever file of the LoopMash output which you could then import into the project on a new audio channel. You could then ditch the original LoopMash and group channels if you no longer needed them.

I know this is an old thread but it still shows in Google search results so it needs to be updated with correct info. To capture Loopmash all you need to do is create a group channel, assign loop mash track output to group channel, then create another stereo audio track, then assign the group channel to that audio track’s input . Then arm the audio track to record and play loop mash . The new audio track will record loop mash output