Recording macro / key strokes in Dorico Elements

Is there a way to record key strokes in Dorico and make a macro?

I can’t find it. I’m using Elements, will probably look for a workaround on Mac if I need Pro for this.


There are different answers to this post, if I’m not mistaken.
You can use Keyboard Maestro, a third party app, to record any sequence of keys as a macro, that you can call back through a keyboard shortcut.
Dorico itself allows the recording of macros, you launch the recording then perform different tasks, stop the recording, and you have created a macro you can call back through the Script menu. I’m not sure it’s available in Elements though.
Hope it helps.
Can you provide more information about what you are trying to achieve ? There might be other ways…

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Macro recording using Dorico’s built-in Lua scripting engine is only included in Dorico Pro. It’s not available in either Dorico Elements or Dorico SE.

Well, my main question was answered by dspreadbury, I was just wondering if the macro thing existed and I was missing it. Seems “No”.

Keyboard Maestro seems interesting, and $36 versus $200 ish for the Pro upgrade. I am just asking generally because I hope to do a fair amount of entering scores this summer all onto the piano and the question of automatically entering two both staves came up and maybe I need to macrofy spreading the cursor along with entering note mode. Or maybe not, I don’t have any questions tied to specific tasks … yet.

Thanks both of you!