Recording many lanes in cycle - lost notes

I don’t remember this happening in previous versions, but it happens all too often in C12. Look at picture. Here you see that piano recorded in loop, every next loop Cubase is muted completed piece and activate next Lane to place new recording (even it’s retrospective recording). So in picture an active lane has two notes of chord that played in previous loop cycle. Somehow Cubase took those two notes from it and placed in new lane, despite that I stop playing chords at the end of previous cycle (without playing over right locator position).

So in next image selected notes are those who accidentally moved to Lane 3 but were played together with all other notes in Lane 2.

Workaround: can just blend both parts. But please agree that this isn’t good behavior of Cubase.


Isn’t this related to the Preferences > MIDI > Extend Playback Range of Notes that Start before the Part settings? What value do you have here? The default value is 0 Ticks.

Or Preferences > Record > MIDI > MIDI Record Catch Range in ms settings?

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But those two notes you see in Lane 3 was played at the start of previous cycle (Lane 2).
This “extending” option works to extend part’s start, but not putting starting notes to next cycle’s start. Or I don’t understanding where is start and where is end.

If I record with pre-count and played a note before recording starts, of course Cubase places the note where it was played - some ms before actual start. But this is not that situation.

Preferences > MIDI > Extend Playback Range… - I have default value - 0 Ticks.
Preferences > Record > MIDI > MIDI Record Catch Range… - also default - 100 ms.


Cycle playback is active, Playing these notes with On-Screen Keyboard.
Here all four notes played in right order, but first note is placed in active (last) lane, but all other notes placed in previous lane.

This is on very clean Windows 10 Pro (latest build). I reinstalled Windows and everything from Steinberg.