Recording metronome count-in not being honored at first?

Hello, when I first activate the metronome and arm for record, recording starts in straight away. I open metronome setup and confirm that count in is set to 2 bars, then without changing anything when I arm for record again the count in is now honored? Any way for the this to work properly straight away?



If you expand the “metronome” part on the Transport Panel (click the 3 dots next to the Open Metronome Setup ‘e’ button), you can switch the Activate Count-in by one click. You can even assign a Key Command to Transport > Use Precount.

Is this what you are looking for?

yea I guess thats it! when I have it expanded I see that opening the metronome setup activates the count-in. interesting behavior, but very easy to address once you know what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks again!