Recording MIDI and audio on Cubase from a remote computer


I make my living composing and producing music for audiovisual media. On a few occasions, I’ve had a new job offer with a tight deadline while being on vacation or away from the studio and it’s always a bummer having to say not to these offers, especially with remote software being available.

I’ve found out about Teamviewer and similar software that allows you to use your computer remotely. I know I can you use Teamviewer from my laptop in order to access my studio computer to use Cubase for editing and mixing purposes.

But I’m not so sure about actually performing, recording MIDI & audio, etc from my laptop (via soundcard, MIDI keyboard, etc) into my studio computer’s Cubase.

I’m concerned about latency issues as well as the studio computer “accepting” MIDI and audio input coming from my laptop, ie, having the laptop be my audio/MIDI interface and master computer while Cubase runs in my studio computer as a slave.

I know VST Connect is a software that could do this, but I understand it’s designed so that 2 people are involved (one recording from a studio, another performing from wherever), not one.

Although it sounds technically challenging I thought I could maybe use Teamviewer AND VST Connect Pro at the same time. So that I can be both recorder and performer at the same time. But I’m wondering if there’s an easier solution.

Not sure if I’m making myself understood:

I basically want to use a remote laptop to do everything I do from the studio, ie, not just mixing and editing but actually PERFORMING (recording MIDI and audio) and have the studio computer be the slave computer. Does that sound like something feasible?


Personally I think you’d be better with a mobile rig and a studio rig.

Save all your projects to dropbox then you can open them in your studio and on the go. Get a small two octave keyboard and external ssd drive for kontakt libraries. During lockdown I managed to get to a situation where I had a mobile rig I could fit in one rucksack when I didn’t want to go in to the studio.

I thought of that but the amount of hard drives I’d need would amount to a lot (I also use data-heavy omnisphere among others), plus a mic, a guitar, etc. The carry bag gets bigger and bigger. Because you never really know what it is you’ll need. Hence my question.
Seeing that there’s been so much improvement in the realm of remote working, I thought there might be a solution which mixes the best of VST Connect with Teamviewer. Kind of like a remote VST link of sorts.

I’d basically need a Teamviewer type software that could allow my studio computer to accept a remote soundcard on a laptop and process audio and MIDI data from it.

Like a VST Connect software where the engineer and the performer are the same person and are recording audio and MIDI remotely and need to access VST Instruments and sound libraries from the slave computer.

Thanks for your answer!