Recording midi drums

I recently purchased a set of electronic drums which I can practice with and wanted to use to record however, when I hooked up the drums with my laptop and into cubase AI LE 12 the volume is really low despite having the volume on the channel turned up full and on the module that came with the kit. There is a slight issue with latency too.
Any advice would be appreciated.

How do you have the “Module” hooked up to record it? Audio Interface? Which one? What E-drums and Module?

Volume is down to your audio interface as is latency. What are you using?

Hi Guys
I am hooking up with a midi to midi cable through UR22 module using general midi settings

I am quite new to using midi as I usually use the drums in cubase, but as a drummer I thought I would try to use the electronic kit instead.
I have turned the volume up on the module on the kit and in cubase but it is still very quiet.
Thanks for your help

What kit and are you wanting to hear the module sounds or a vst instrument sounds? Give more on exactly what you are trying to achieve. For instance I have a td30 which I use to play sd3 software drums. The td30 connects via usb midi and the audio is produced by sd3 within Cubase which I monitor through my audio interface RME Babyface pro fs.

I have a carslbro commander 100 module going into Steinberg UR22 mk2 via MIDI cable and I use cubase AI LE 12 using the general midi drums (no specific software for the drums). I managed earlier today to get a better sound but still issues with latency.

You should use groove agent. I know nothing about that module. Have you tried lowering the buffers on your asio driver? How low you can get it depends on the power if your computer


I use groove agent usually, but just thought I would like to make my own beats but I will keep trying, I’m bound to get it working properly at some point! :slightly_smiling_face:

You can play groove agent from an ekit. Use the red or blue kit. I think they are included with your version. I know you can play it as I have done it and changed the notes in ga to match what comes out of the module.

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Many thanks for your help. I have gone through groove agent and it now works fine and it works even better with mt power drum kit! Very happy :smile:9

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