Recording Midi From Real Time Piano Roll Velocity Edits?

Strange question -
I have a midi channel with a midi clip with some midi notes recorded. The midi out of that channel routes to a VST instrument (Arturia CS-80 V for instance).
Generically when one click with the draw tool on the velocities of the midi events in the piano roll edit window - sound is generated (like a preview sound so one know the volume quickly).
I understand that some kind of internal midi signal is generated to activate the VST when this occurs. However in Cubase there does not seem to be a way to record these midi signals.

  • Do anyone know any way these can be recorded? I’ve found a way to record the resultant audio internally but not the MIDI.
  • Could there be a way to route midi out of the VST somehow? (I’ve tried MIDI sends on the midi channel but to no avail. Is seems like the VST is the stopping point for the midi signal.)

Any advice most appreciated.

Ross :stuck_out_tongue:


No, you can’t route the MIDI signal from the virtual instrument’s keyboard back to Cubase.

The draw tool changes the MIDI Velocity in the Key Editor directly. You don’t have to record it. It has been changed already. Or am I missing something?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response and sorry for this delayed response back.

I thought as much re. not being able to to route the midi from virtual instrument’s keyboard back to Cubase.

To be clear - I really like the sound / effect produced when editing the velocities in the velocity parameter window of the Key Editor - with some of the sounds I’m using (like a clarinet sample library in Kontakt) - the effect is quite uncanny.
I’ve worked out a way to record in real time the audio produced byt this effect - but it would be ideal to capture the midi (in case it can be improved with tweaking).

Hope that’s clear - maybe there’s some other way with midi-sends or something like that? There is surey some kind of midi preview signal being produced when one clicks on the velocities.



If you click the Volume slider of MIDI Note velocity in the Key Editor, the velocity of the MIDI Note changes and it’s stored. So if you play it back after, you get the very same velocity/sound.

HI Martin
Yes I know that
It’s the ‘performance’ of real-time swiping (holding the mouse and dragging) through the velocities, when various chords are laid out in the key editor, that I want to capture the midi of. I can capture the audio - but not the MIDI.



I’m really afraid, there is no way, how to record/capture this. The MIDI data is routed in Cubase internally. Even if you add MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor, this one doesn’t capture/show the MIDI data.

The only way I can imagine is to route the MIDI track to a virtual MIDI Out Port and use other sequencer (MIDI recorder) to capture the data from this virtual MIDI Out Port.