Recording midi in key editor beyond part borders

Hello, I’ve looked through the forums for an answer to this but couldn’t find what I’m looking for.
Back in Cubase 5, if I had the key editor fullscreen and was recording new parts into it, I’d be playing things in on my midi keyboard and the notes would show up as I played them. Also if I hit the end of a part, the part border would just extend with whatever I recorded.
Now in 9.5, if I record beyond the part border, I then have to close the key editor and use the glue tool to connect the existing part with the new part. Also the notes only show up in the key editor when I stop recording.
Any way to get back the behaviour I’m after? I feel like I was able to get it to do this a few days ago but I can’t remember what settings I had. I’ve tried all the different MIDI recording modes and that doesn’t seem to help me.

I know that I could extend the part borders before but it’s kind of a continuity of workflow thing where the tool is getting in the way of creativity.

Thanks in advance!


To record into the editor:

  • Enable Record to Editor (left top corner).
  • Click to the editor to make sure the focus is in the editor.
  • Make sure you don’t click back to the Project area.
  • Hit Record.

I’m sorry, but (in my opinion) “record in editor” is awful and completely pointless.

If I remember correctly, it was not in Cubase prior to 9.5, so why was it added? Honestly, can someone give me an example of where it could be useful? In the 10 years I’ve been using Cubase, I have never been in the Key Editor wanting to record in additional MIDI data but NOT wanting that MIDI to be in the focused editor. If I wanted separate regions that overlap, I’ll record in the Project window.

I am disappointed with the ”record in editor” button because 99% of the time I open Cubase “record in editor” defaults to being disabled, so (naturally) I don’t remember to enable it and end up recording in the Key Editor only to think “where the heck is my MIDI?! Oh yeah, I didn’t hit the ‘record in editor’ button first.”

Was this “feature” requested by a large amount of users? Like I asked, what are the advantages of having this? I am not being sarcastic with this question.