Recording midi notes creates duplicate notes

so if i record C3 and look in the midi editor there will be two one on top of the other - anyone know why?

latest cubase latest mac pro latest mac os


I’m wondering, this happens on Mac. I have seen this many times on Windows, but never on Mac as far as I remember.

On Windows, the issue is, there are 2 MIDI driver types. At some systems, there are both of them installed. Do you get 2 messages from 1 device (1 from every single driver type). But as far as I know, this is not possible on Mac.

Double check the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup, please. Make sure only 1 driver is available for 1 device.

I would try to change the MIDI Input from All MIDI Inputs to the specific MIDI Port. Do you get 2 MIDI Notes too in this case?

  • If yes, I would probably double-check the hardware settings.
  • If not, you can find out, what the other driver is.
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thanks that seemed to help