Recording MIDI on Tyros 5 and MOX8

Hi team,

I have spent considerable time trying to figure out how to record MIDI on my Tyros 5 and MOX8 keyboards at the same time. (That is, in the same project window. I’m happy to record them one at a time.) So far, I’ve gotten nowhere.

I’m using the Editor VST that was bundled with the MOX8. To keep things simpler, I’m happy to record my background rhythms and accompaniments on the Tyros 5 Song Creator, and then import the MIDI tracks to Cubase AI5. I still need those MIDI tacks to play back the Tyros 5 though, so I can edit them.

Perhaps Cubase AI5 is not robust enough to handle the task? I have a friend who just purchased Cubase 8. Perhaps I need to upgrade? I teach at Humber College in Toronto, and may qualify for an educational discount, however, I believe Steinberg only offers that to institutes, not private individuals?? Ideas welcome.

Many thanks.

  • Lee