Recording Midi to Audio

I’m trying to convert a midi instrument track (a Korg Kronos) to audio. I’ve managed to do it once, but since then it’s just not working. Could someone send me a link to how this can be achieved? (I’ve looked at youtube stuff, and searched for help, but am getting nowhere. Thanks all.

Hi and welcome,

I’m not a Kronos user and I don’t know, if it’s so sofisticated device, as Yamaha MOXF (or Motif) is, i.e. if it could works as a soundcard.

In any case, you have to set your Audio Export Mixdown to the “Realtime Export”. The “offline” mode is for virtual Instruments only. And you have to set the Input Bus from your hardware device.

In fact, good praxis is to record the track as an Audio first, and export it later on (then, you can use the “offline” export).