Recording MIDI with Roland TD9 drums/triggering VST with Roland TD9

Im trying to record my Roland TD9 drum kit in Cubase AI 9. I have Roland um-one mk II MIDI cable, with updated driver. When I hit the drums, MIDI in activity bar flashes in Cubase.

Midi-track: I have selected Roland Midi cable (um-one) as Midi input on Midi track. Im output routing it to VST drum program, “MT-Power drum kit II”- MIDI IN. No MIDI is recorded; its only an empty field when I press record, and it disappears when I press stopp.

VST-track: I have selected Roland Midi cable (um-one) as Midi in, and output routing to the program MT Power drum kit II. Using Drum map from MT Power drum kit II. The result is the same.

How do I trigger the VST/record Midi tracks from the Roland TD9?


Two precisions and added facts check :

  • Do you hear the sounds triggered by the TD9, without recording them ? If not, is the Monitor button activated ?
  • What is “Midi input” ? Here, I use the Input Routing drop down list in the track inspector and select the MIDI port that I’ll use for the recording (I guess that it’s indeed the um-one, in your case). Additionaly, and also in the track inspector, I set the Channel option to Any, just in case, this while being sure that the drum VSTi is able to receive the MIDI channel used by the MIDI device sending the messages (BFD3 user, here, with Omni option for the incoming MIDI notes messages).

Sorry for being so basic, somehow. But typically, getting an empty item while recording, which disappears when stopping the record means that the eventual MIDI messages being sent aren’t allowed to reach the involved track being recorded (usually, either a MIDI port or channel mismatch between the MIDI device used and the track settings).

Hi, check the Vsti Mapping for the TD9.
I mean that you check that the kick is C1, etc etc, it can be edited from the TD9 itself

Thanks for answer.

-I have activated monitor, but do not hear any sound and no MIDI recorded.

  • Midi «input routing» is the Roland MiDi cable, I have tried all midi input as well. No result. Maybe the MT-power/Roland TD9 connection is the problem, and I just have to buy a another program:)

Thanks for answer! The problem is that I should be getting sound, but just the wrong drums, shouldn’t I? The Roland is an octave higher than Cubase, like 36-C2 instead of C1. If I change the octave, the number will still be wrong - but I dont know if the number is important. Anywhy, I tried to change the kick to C1, without getting any kick.

This should work with All MIDI inputs set in the Input Routing drop down list of the track inspector. Beside this, are you sure of the MIDI channel used on both ends, including MT-Power Drum Kit ?

Additionaly, be also sure that :

  • in the Preferences>MIDI panel, the MIDI Thru Active option is ticked. Otherwise, you’ll never get a sound from it.
  • In the Preferences>VST one, you use Tapemachine Style as option of the Auto Monitoring setting. It allows monitoring either in both stop or recording contexts (it only disables monitoring in a playback one).

I did what you said, but no sucsess im afraid. However, I borowed a mac with Cubase 7.5 and with superior drummer 2 (which has roland td9 preset), used the Superior Drummer as VST rack instrument with all midi imputs and output routing to Superior Drummer. I got both sound and MiDi recorded! I guess the mapping is the difference (and not the high end Cubase Version - i got Cubase AI 9).