Recording midi

Is there a way to record midi from the qwerty keyboard alone? I know you can enter notes with it.

Forgive me for being dense here — maybe a problem with language — what exactly do you mean? Since you can enter notes with a qwerty keyboard, it does record MIDI (once it’s entered, it appears in Play mode as MIDI data). Do you mean real time recording? As if the middle row of letters were the white keys, and some letters from the qwerty row the black keys? I think I’ve seen this request some years ago. Not implemented yet though…

It isn’t possible to use the QWERTY keyboard as a real-time MIDI input device directly, no, but there are third-party MIDI-compatible software keyboards available for both Windows and macOS that you can use in conjunction with Dorico. For example, here’s MIDIKeys for macOS, and here’s VMPK for both Windows and macOS.

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