Recording mode not available?

I have just started with Cubasis (full version). Unfortunately recording dos not work properly:

  1. No precount of the metronome
  2. Can not find recording modes (button). E.g. for punch out.
  3. Every new record does not overwrite the old track. The all remain and and hearable.
  4. Reset in IOS setup: does it kill all established projects?

I know a lot of question. I spent hours in trying to find out. Neither Manual, forum nor videos have been helping. Can you help. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your message.

Please tap on the “tempo display” in the top menu to open the “Tempo” pop-up, which also includes the “Recording Mode” options.

As of yet, audio recordings will be placed on top of each other and remain hearable (similar top a looper).
The behaviour is planned to be updated in the future.

The Cubasis reset feature (located in the setup), allows to relaunch the app with an empty project in the case of unexpected issues.


punch in/out record (non loop) does not work. Track record does not work in punch in/out buttons are activated either.