Recording more channels than stereo on a single track? (Quadro)

Hi folks,

Imagine this:

I want to record a stereo Fender Rhodes.

I’m running a send to a real EMT 140 plate. The send isn’t coming from Cubase, it’s done before the audio is hitting Cubase.

So, what i now want to record in Cubase is two stereo tracks. One, the dry Rhodes, the other, the full wet EMT 140.

Obviously this is easily done.

But now i’m messing around with 4 channel input buss. And i realize that if i make a “quadro” 4 channel track and use this 4 channel input as it’s source, and record, i have what looks like a 4 channel WAV file on that track (ok, it’s not really, but it acts like one).
Woah, dude, that’s super cool, now i can edit and manipulate it, but i still have the option to tweak the balance of verb to dry later on.

So now i’m wondering, this is a hack, right? Surely there’s a more official way to do this?

My main issue is that i don’t see a way to pan the fully wet part independently of the dry signal. These’s some stuff possible in the mixer, but i don’t really understand it, as the panner seems to be designed for surround or something.

And in fact i can’t pan the dry signal either, the panning seems to be fixed in a Quadro track?!

Could anyone tell me if there’s a better way to achieve what i’m trying to do?

Thanks in advance! … J

Just a little bumpizzle on this one!

I found a hack, which is to use the Venn Utility plugin twice on a Quadro track, see pic below for the correct routing.

So i use the Venn plug to change volume and pan of the 1&2 or 3&4 channels independently.

But still, i’m interested if anyone has a more elegant solution!

I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to achieve. Surely you can record them as separate tracks, drop them in a group and use a group channel?

I don’t understand what you mean by “drop them in a group”?

Did you mean folder?

I see no way to put an audio track inside a group!

Check out the Mix6to2 plugin, Cubase stock.

I often use similar workflows to have i.e. a DI guitar along with two mics on an LCR track, beeing able to do phase coherent warp edits instead of putting 3 tracks into a folder and editing it by cutting, sliding, fading. Mix6to2 offers a multichannel submixer.

I do the same thing. I can do comps, then reamp the DI to blend with the original stereo signal. It’s difficult to do that when recording to multiple tracks. Mix6to2 is invaluable when working this way.

… I really hope for phase coherent multitrack warping, which would be even more convenient :slight_smile:

Hmmmm, Mix6to2, never heard of it, will check it out!

It’s in the Surround department of plugins I think.