Recording multiple midi channels simultaneously

Is it possible to record more than one midi channel at a time ? I have an algorithmic generative plugin with 9 midi channel outputs (currently) each midi channel has its own vst synth on its own track. So I have 9 tracks from midi channel 1 - 9
I want to record all 9 tracks simultaneously, is this possible ?
Im using cubase 12 pro


Cubase is recording data from all MIDI Channels to the given track. If you want to filter data from some MIDI Channels out, use the Input Transformer, please. There are also presets available for this use case.

OK, so Ive implemented the input transformer and setup a filter for the specific channel for all midi output channels. This seems to work ok. However, if I want to edit each individual tracks midi events (I deleted a specific range from one track) It seems to delete the same range from all other tracks ! I assume each track must have recorded all midi channels and cubase is filtering on each specified channel(if that makes sense) How can i get to cubase to only record the midi data for the specified midi channel on each track?


If Cubase recorded all MIDI Channels to all tracks, you didn’t setup the MIDI Input Transformer correctly. Could you please attach a screenshot?

I edited a different track and that seems to be ok, so not really sure what happened :man_shrugging: