Recording multiple midi instrument to separated audio tracks simultaneously


I have Cubase Elements 10 and are working on a project with about 15 instruments from my Yamaha Genos on separate midi channels.
It’s a bit time consuming to record one track to audio at the time, so I am wondering if it’s possible to record multiple audio tracks simultaneously and still get each instrument to separated tracks?

If I have an audio interface with 8 inputs, would I be able to record 8 mono tracks or 4 stereo tracks at the same time? If that is possible, how should I route the midi tracks to different audio inputs?

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Hi you,

the key question here is: How many SEPARATE AUDIO-Outputs does your Genos offer simultanuously?

The reason for this is: In order to record the separate audio tracks you need to provide them separatedly from your Genos.

Cheers, Ernst

Hello samplehead,
As I can see the Genos has 4 SUB + 2 Main Audio Line Outs… So, if you are able to rout the instruments you would like to record, to separate Output
inside the Genos, then won’t be a problem to record them separately in Cubase.

Greetings :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, that’s make perfectly sense. I was actually planning on using the S/PDIF jack on the Genos, but then I’ll have to live with just a single stereo output. Can’t have it all I guess :smiley:

I dont know how the internal routing of the Genos looks like but maybe you can use the S/PDIF jack in addition (provided you have an S/PDIF input available on your interface as well). But on the other hand: It is a good choice not to have more than one Converter in the signal chain.