Recording multiple midi sources at once

Not something I’ve done in Cubase before… we are running one 16 channel MIDI interface, a roland keyboard on channel one, (not in omni mode) through the MIDI in on a Handsonic, which then is patched via its out/through to the IN on the midi interface. We both want to record input into cubase on each device at the same time.

We have two instruments (VST rack) called up, one is on channel 1, the other on channel 10, but the handsonic seems to send in omni, despite it appearing to only be sending on 10… kinda stumped here…

I tried to use the midi monitor, but it does not register any input… been through all the manuals… wondering if anyone can switch on the light for us here…

not a huge deal, we can work one by one, but its bugging me that this does not apppear to be working.

Would you not need a MIDI merge, as I think MIDI through just relays whats on the IN and MIDI out only pertains to the actual device.

Then you will need to set up two midi tracks and filter the incoming MIDI channels using the Transformer (I Think?)

Yes, have a look at how the out/through on the handsonic behaves. out/through ports can be either:

  1. out OR through, configurable on the device
  2. out AND through.

If 1, you can’t use the Handsonic to merge the 2 midi signals and you’ll need a merger like Split suggested.
If it’s 2, it should work if you can get both devices to transmit on a different channel. You can just record in 1 midi track and use dissolve part to separate the 2 channels into different midi parts.

Thanks Guys, we ended up tossing the cable back and forth, too much fu*kery really !