Recording Multiple Tracks Simultaneously on Cubasis/Idock

I’m running into issues trying to record multiple tracks on my cubasis ipad app using the focusrite itrack station. Here is what I’m trying to do so that whoever knows, can help with minimal questions.

1 acoustic/electric guitar plugged into Itrack (input 1, "instrument)
1 condensor microphone plugged into input 2 (mic input)

I want to know how to record in stereo on both channels. So here is what I have tried.

I have set up and tried different things.

*I have tried 4 tracks in Cubasis with a routing of stereo (only allows 1/2 outputs which I assume means channels) The results are 4 tracks recording in stereo on two channels and only worked once but I had to plug in a second mic of lesser quality.

*I tried two tracks only. Prefer to record in stereo because it sounds so much better. So I routed input 1(track one) input 2 (track 2). Seems this would work but input 2 (microphone) would not come into the earphones in stereo nor would it record in stereo, it was panned left despite no panning going on.

I’ve tried a few other things that I can’t even remember at this point out of frustration. Except I played around with using “Audiobus” to help the routing but I’m still not getting the correct results.

It seems like I need someone who knows a lot about these two systems to have a video chat with so that I can get this figured out. Please help…

The recording configuration stated in your message allows to record both signals in mono only (which also makes sense).

There are various ways to add dimension to recordings, here is one tip what to do (please browse the web for further strategies):

  • Record your guitar and/or vocal tracks three times each
  • Pan one track to the left, the second to the right, leave the third centered
  • Adjust track volumes to your taste (centered track should be the loudest)

This will help to fatten up tracks and to create dimension …
Making use of effects is another story (as mentioned above please browse the web regarding further ideas/strategies).

Hope that helps.



I read your post a couple of times - and with respect, may I presume you are new to recording?

I believe the naming of the inputs may be misleading you, try these steps and see if you get what you are looking for; ( I own an iTrack Solo and these are my steps)
New Project -
Add 2 Audio tracks.
Select Track 1
-In the Routing tab - select Mono input, and Select 1 (Just below where Mono is)
Select Track 2
-In the Routing tab - select Mono input, and Select 2 (Just below where Mono is)
Arm Record and Monitor on Tracks 1&2

At this point, you should hear your guitar and mic centered in your headphones/monitors, and the Channel Pan and Volume should have an effect on what you hear. Recording will give you guitar and mic on separate tracks, that can be panned, and processed by fx, in the stereo field.

In terms of understanding the names of the track routing inputs…
Mono means a single source - which your guitar and mic each are. So input-wise, we have two mono sources; which is what we usually want - guitar and vocals on separate tracks.
Selecting Stereo as an input presumes a stereo source (two inputs) - for instance an iPod, or a standalone stereo guitar fx pedal or keyboard, which has two outputs.
So a Mono input doesn’t mean you won’t have Stereo output - it just means you will have control of it in your mix. Does that make sense?

I hope this helps.