Recording not playing back in time

This has happened quite a few times the past few days:

  • Press record, (using punch in) to record vocals
    -press play and though the recorded audio starts at the correct time (ie, on the beat) the actual SOUND of my vocals starts late, ie, the vocals are out of time with the music.

I even recorded myself counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 over the top of the Cubasis metronome just to prove to myself I wasn’t going totally mad and had forgotten how to sing in time and hahahah……the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 were indeed, not playing back in time even though the audio recording clearly started exactly on the start of a new bar ….I have had to manually move all my latest vocals to get them to line up….I’ve just about had enough of Cubasis 3, and am considering deleting it and going back to Cubasis 2 …….:triumph::triumph:

Please please do NOT suggest I start a new project, or shut all other apps, hard or soft reset the iPad, close and re open cubasis or delete and reinstall Cubasis 3 as I have made it very very very clear, I understand this concept, and have done all of the above steps several bazillion times, thank you .

Hi @Simonsnr,

Unfortunately we are unaware about similar recording issues, when using an external audio device.

What audio device do you have in use?

In addition, it seems you’ve experienced Bluetooth and other issues with Cubasis 3. Can you redo the test using Cubasis on its own, and without having these additional devices connected?

Here, it is important to reset the iPad beforehand making sure, the problem is not related to any other issues.

Best wishes,

This is the reason I did not reply……banging my head against the wall with this forum and Cubasis 3!