Recording Note Expression data via MIDI input

Hi there
I’m trying to make this work:

…but the concept or writing the MIDI input expression on a note just by moving the active control on my MIDI device is not working for me. I suspect the word ‘active’ may be what I’m not getting.

My method is:

  • Switch on 'MIDI as NoteExp in the inspector
  • Switch on MIDI input and Note Expression MIDI Input with the Key Editor
  • Select a note and/or double-click on a note to bring up its Note Exp
  • Move mod or pitch wheel

Nothing happens. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, as I would like to use this feature? Thank you

Just tried here (I didn’t even know it was there!), and it didn’t work for me either :confused: .

… Later…
Works ok in Cubase 8.5 (which just goes to show how observant I am sometimes :blush: :wink: )… broken in Cubase 9.

Thanks vic_france for validating that. I’ll log it as a bug.