Recording novation circuit midi

Hi all.

I still have this issue if anyone has any thoughts or is using cubase to record midi / audio from their novation circuit.

Circuit is connected to the pc via usb and appears in my midi connections.

I have set up Cubase so that i have 3 tracks to record and playback the Circuit and assigned them to midi channels 1 and 2 for synth tracks and 10 for the 4 drum tracks.

In theory the circuit sends only on channel 1 for each synth as it can be used to control external hardware via midi.

The problem: My circuit appears to send midi on all channels or at least Cubase seems to receive on all channels at once even though I have set up the tracks to send (and i think receive) on one channel. So the data from all the channels appears on each track.

When using usb does cubase receive on one channel at a time?

Is there a way for me to check which channel(s) are being transmited on from within cubase?

Is this a cubase or novation circuit issue?

Anyone using a novation circuit with cubase?

Any thoughts? I have workarounds by recording only one track at a time but it would be useful to receive on all channels at one time for live performance recording and recording macro automation.

Thanks in advance,



Cubase doesn’t filter out MIDI Data based on Channel. Use Input Transformer to filter only wanted MIDI Channel data.

Hi Martin,

Many thanks for the reply. That certainly achieved the desired effect.

Not sure I did it in the most efficient way though.

I opened the input transformer for each of my three separate Circuit Tracks (Midi channels 1, 2 and 10) and selected Local.

I selected the function to be Filter.

Set the Filter Target to be Channel - Unequal to - <Midi track channel 1 2 or 10>
Set the Action Target to be Channel - Subtract

Repeated this for each of my tracks and then added a 4th of channels 16 for Sessions and effects.

Is this the most efficient way of doing it?

Is there a way to do this globally? I had a play with using the modules and switching them on and off for each track but found they were… well… global.

I have saved these these settings but found they were different each time I opened the saved Filter for each track… seemed a bit strange?

I will likely add these to or make a new template using these filters.

This looks like a useful tool that I am only just scratching the surface with.

Thanks again,



Yes, this is the most efficient way I can imagine.