Recording NRPNs...what gives?

CCs work great but my synth has many controls only sending NRPNs. They record but the data doesn’t look correct. A smooth filter sweep ends up looking like jagged teeth. (See the image I’ve attached) Impossible to edit. Causes audible glitches on playback as well. So is this just the state of affairs in 2016 with Steinberg products? They can’t handle NRPNs correctly? Anyone know of a fix or workaround for this?



This seems to be correct to me. The NRPN and also Data Entry MSB and LSB is always a pair. By the MSB you set what parameter are you going to change and then change the Value by LSB. You can send the MSB only once and then just change the value. But if you need to be sure, you change the value of the wanted parameter, you can send the MSB always.

It seems, your source MIDI Device does this, and send the MSB Value always too, just to ne sure.

This is not on Cubase side to decide.