Recording of Midi Controllers - Overlapping


I want to record notes by playing on keyboard, and midi CC11 by playing on expression pedal at once. When I start to record next take, there is overlapping of CC11 data between two takes, like comb (see picture). What mode I need to use for escape this problem? What kind of CC recording more useful for it - midi CC lanes inside part or as track-automation?

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All I find is set midi record mode to Replace, and set menu “Replace Recording in Editors” to “Controllers”, in Record-Midi Preferences. Also need to use preroll vs precount, for save recorded controllers untouched.
But, how to make, that vst-instrument not read CC from Pedal while playing before Punch In point? In other words - is it possible to make “Tapemashine Style” monitoring (MIDI thru) on midi and VST-instruments tracks?

Tape-machine style" recording would certainly be a welcome addition. :wink:
“Replace” Mode for MIDI recording (in the Transport Bar) will, effectively, overwrite any previous MIDI, but only if you are still in the Project window, not inside a MIDI Editor. As you have seen, to do so from inside a MIDI Editor, you also have to set “Replace Recording in Editors” as desired.
But at the moment, there is no way not to be in MIDI input monitor while you are inside the MIDI Editors, so any MIDI data you send, even while not in Record, will be active.
So, no way to do what you are requesting, at least not while inside a MIDI Editor.
But, if you are o.k. remaining in the Project window for recording, in the meantime, here’s a simple macro that does more-or less what you request, but (strangely enough :wink: ), you first need to de-activate Record-enable on the selected MIDI track. The macro will record-enable the track and set Transport into Record, so instead of hitting “Record”, you would use a key command for this macro…
Go into Key Commands, Show Macros, New Macros (type a name for this macro… let’s say, “Force Record”)
In the upper section of the Key Commands window, navigate to “Edit - Record Enable”, then back in the lower section, click on “Add Command”.
Back in the upper section, navigate now to “Transport - Record”, then click on “Add Command” again.
Click on “OK” (closes the Key Commands window).
Now, re-open the Key Commands window, and navigate to “Macros - Force Record”, and assign a computer key to it.

So now (back in the Project window), if you have de-selected the Record-enable button on the MIDI track, no incoming MIDI data will affect the already-recorded MIDI, but, as soon as you hit the Key Command for the “Force Record” macro, the track will become record-enabled, and Cubase will go into record.

So, once again, “yes”… tape-machine style recording would be most welcome for MIDI recording :wink:.

You could even, if you so desire, make a similar macro for “Play” (same as above, but instead of “Transport - Record” in the 2nd line of the macro, use “Transport - Start”)… effectively, de-selecting Record-enable while Cubase is in Play mode, so, by using these two macros instead of the “regular” Play and Record buttons, will indeed give you tape-machine style recording for MIDI (but only while in the Project window).

Thank you very much for idea, I will try it!

After test: good way, but in this case it not possible to use preroll and automatically start of recording, when cursor will crossing needed point…

For now I find, that so usefull to assign one note of organ foot pedal to record:

“Note on” of pedal assigned to “CC Record” Macro:
Transport - Record
Edit - Record Enable
Automation - Write Automation for selected tracks On/Off

“Note off” of pedal assigned to same macro. As result - record and replacing of CC occurs only while I have pedal pressed.