Recording Problem Superior Drummer 3 / Cubase AI 11

Hello, I’ve been working with Cubase for a few days. So still an absolute novice in this program. But I would like to switch completely to Cubase. I loaded the Superior Drummer 3 in Cubase AI 11 and activated all instruments. These are also displayed in the mixer. Means I have a level rash in each channel. I assigned the channels in the Superior Drummer 3 mixer. Base drum 3/4 Snare 5/6 etc.
The problem, everything is displayed correctly, but nothing is recorded. Can someone help me and tell me what I’m doing wrong? I was still working with Samplitude until last week, it works fine there. Thank you for your help.

What do you mean nothing was recorded? Where is your midi? Is it in Cubase or in SD3? What are you trying to record, midi or audio?

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