Recording problem

Hi to all,

First post ever on here and so forgive my lack of precision and/or lack of exact wording; should this be a hinderance.

I run the sound board at my church and we record the sermons. For a long time we had an old PC and it worked fine although it distorted when mixing because the CPU just wasn’t powerful enough to sustain too many effects. Now, we’ve upgraded that PC to a new one but are facing a new problem. Almost every recording contains a screetching noise. So when I play it back I hear both the speakers (we hold bilingual services), but mixed in with it comes that screetching noise that is, at times, stronger.

Sounds like it could be a sound card problem. Check to see that you have the latest drivers. Also check to see that the right driver is selected in Cubase. You also may want to disconnect your mixing board as a process of elimination.
If you still have a problem, check another brand of sound card to make sure you don’t have an incompatibility problem between your card and your new computer.
Also make sure you don’t have a feedback loop in your connections, either externally or internally.