Recording Problems Cubase 12

I need a bit of help. I just upgraded to Cubase 12 and I can’t record anything without it stopping out of the blue after an average of two bars.
I’m writing music for a short film and I can’t record MIDI. I only have two MIDI instruments working simultaneously, and I can’t record more than 2-3 bars.

I have an Alienware R15
Windows 10
Geforce GTX 1070

Does the same happen if you start with a blank project without a video track?
Have you tried in Safe Mode with Preferences Disabled?

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Hi! Thanks for helping out.

Same problems, even with playback in both situations. I noticed that the ASIO Guard bar moves in an extreme way constantly, even when I’m not playing. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me before on Cubase =/.