Recording real-time tweaks for external send fx or inst..

What’s the best way to route this in Cubase?

I am struggling with not finding vst connections annoying.

If I set up an ‘external fx’ routing… and place the external fx on an fx track for send fx… how do I record real-time tweaks? Selected track render - realtime mixdown won’t let me hear what is going.

I usually just end up using an audio track as input and record there; however to do this I have to ‘disable’ input routing for the external fx setup…

There’s probably an easier way right that I’m not getting…?

It does when set up correctly with CR

Ah good to know. I only have one main out that I send to a monitor router so I have never set up control room.

I assume that even with only one out you can set up CR and have monitor during real-time export… I will see.