Recording Roland TD-15 via asio drivers

Hey all,

I did a search and came across another thread about recording VDrums. Pretty much most people seem to see the VDrums as a MIDI input device for triggering a VSTi like superior drummer. No-one seems to use the ASIO drivers that come with the kit.

Being the non-conformist that I am, I’d actually *like to record the sounds from the module, and I quite like the fact that the asio drivers throw the entire mix back to the TD-15 so you can hear your mix with metronome click, etc while you’re recording your take. Makes a very easy and simple way to throw down some drums while tracking.

But! The drivers only seem to operate at 44.1KHz which forces your project to operate at 44.1 also, unless you enjoy converting your entire project every time you want to tweak the drum performance.

Now I know most people would record the MIDI via USB, and the audio via the analog outs, but that’s wasting the lossless nature of the digital recording via ASIO. AND I suspect that all the extra AD/DA would introduce latencies that could not be compensated for as easily as in the driver itself.

Anyone have a workflow for using the native asio drivers as a digital input, or is it a lost cause? Seems SPDIF might have been more useful!!