Recording send effects

My brother has just bought Cubasis and wants to know how to record whilst listening to an effect but have it recorded dry. I use Cubase 12 and do this with a Send to an FX track. However I see that Cubasis does not have an FX track, so can my brother do this.

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Please use the monitoring button in the track list, to monitor an effect but not recording it.
To learn more about Cubasis, please check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial:

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Thanks Lars. I’m not sure I quite get it though, are you saying that if the monitor button is pressed the effect is recorded and if it is not pressed the effect is not recorded? And does this apply to both Send and Insert effects?

I have watched the video, and very good it is!


Hi @spyder,

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The assigned effects will not be recorded or “baked in” the audio files, unless you explicitly use Track Freeze or Mixdown to do so.

In other words: audio tracks are always recorded without effects, leaving you the free choice to tweak already assigned effects or replace them with other ad/or additional plug-ins.

Hopefully our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial explains all of this.

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OK, thanks Lars!

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