Recording snaps to beat 1, how to start recording from any beat

(Cubase 9.5 Artist)
I have to make a metal adaptment of a more instrumental classical sounding BGM I made, so every section doesn’t start at the 1st beat, it becomes more prog metal / symphony metal-like. However, when I try to record I mark out what area I want to play with the locators, starting on beat 3, press the * to start recording, aaand it snaps to the first beat of that bar, which is outside of the locators and records over things I don’t want it to.
Only way I found to bypass this is to put it to loop and use the “2” hotkey to jump to the 2nd locator, so it starts on the last bar before the last locator, thus making it loop back to the beginning without recording outside of the locators. However this is a little makeshift and wastes a bit of time by practically adding extra ticks to the countdown.
Does anyone know a way to bypass this?

For clarification, I just want the recording to start at where the… the… I forgot the name, but the big vertical line that shows where you are in the track that moves when you listen to the song. That thing. I want to make so that when I press record, it just starts at whatever beat that one is on, and NOT snap to the 1st beat of the bar it is currently positioned on.

Thank you.

PS: I saw some other people asked this question before, but it seemed no one really had any solution as far as I could tell.

Is it MIDI that you are recording ?
Also are you saying that the actual notes get recorded from the start of the bar, or is it just the Part that extends so it starts on the first beat ?
There’s an option for this in Preferences > Record > MIDI :

Snap MIDI Parts to Bars

  • Lengthens recorded MIDI parts so that they start and end at whole bar positions. If you are working in a context that is based on bars and beats, this can make editing, such as moving, duplicating, and repeating, easier.

No, I’m recording my guitar.
Let’s say you have a beat, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, and repeat.
I want to make the recording start at 3 in a specific place, because the nature of the track makes that the most natural, starting at 1 would be really hard and unintuitive in this case. In other words, I want that when I press record, it does the countdown, and then the track starts playing and recording from 3. Instead of doing that, it snaps back to the 1, which is outside of my locators, and I don’t want that, I just want to be able to record from the exact beat I want, not to be forced to always start the recording at 1.