Recording SOund Output from Cubase in real time.

Hello everybody, i’d like to present myself to the forum for the first time.
I have been recording and mixing for several years now.
One question still bugs me though, I’d like to make several tutorials on producing music and obtaining a certain sound.
But however, I am uncertain on how to do this. :confused: I get how to record the screen output in real time, but I am still uncertain whether any screen capture software supports ASIO audio stream. I am in possession of an m-Audio Recording External Interface, and run it’s own ASIO driver during the process. Would I need switching to some of the Multimedia Asio drivers ?

What steps would I need to take in order to record the sound output coming from my cubase DAW in real time ? And an additional question as well; would it be possible to record a narrated comment for myself, explaining what I am currentlys doing as well ? The tutorials I’d do would be of informative nature to all of those wondering how to produce heavier rock and metal music, as I find I have evolved enough in order to teach some people how I do it. :smiley:

I am currently running Cubase 5 full version and Cubase 6 LE on my computer, powered by Windows Vista. As mentioned, my Sound Card is an M-AUDIO Fast Track PRO.

You can hear some of my work in my signature bar’s link.
Cheers everybody ! :laughing: